February 28, 2013

What we got at Azure {GAPS}

Posted in GAPS friendly tagged , , , at 10:17 pm by Jordan

The cheapest way for us to get healthy and organic food is azurestandard.com. Every month a huge refrigerated semi pulls up to our house, and 40-50 families come pick up their orders from our driveway. We’ve started several drops all over Southern Arizona, and we call ourselves the Rincon Organics Buying Club.

This month’s order was a little different since we’re on GAPS–I had a hard time fitting it all in the fridge (since we also received raw milk from friends who came to pick up food). I got 12-pack cases of sauerkraut, cauliflower, and coconut water, four 64oz. tubs of Nancy’s whole milk yogurt, 25 pounds of RAW almonds (from Spain–only $5.40/lb!), 5 pound bags of split peas, lentils, dried coconut, almond and coconut flours, celtic sea salt, golden beets, frozen peas and blueberries (can’t wait til we add raw fruit in soon!), a 5 lb brick of raw cheese, 1 pound bags of ginger and garlic, and on the ground, bigger than Daniel, is a 40# bag of onions! I used up last delivery’s onions today–yes, we used 40# in one month…wow, definitely a first for me. Everything was organic except for Bubbie’s sauerkraut and it was all WAY cheaper than at the store. We get pretty much all our food from Azure except for fresh produce from nearby Sprouts grocery store or farmer’s markets and some organic items from Costco (frozen fruits and veggies,ground beef, chicken, eggs, and a few produce items like carrots for juicing).

Check Azure out and see if they deliver to your area–they’re a great family farm and business that serves us well!

The truck driver unloading to helpers lined up and waiting to deliver a box or bag to the right name and pile!

What we got



  1. Mema said,

    Sheesh! I wouldn’t want to pay that bill!

    • Kim said,

      It’s really not hard knowing it’s SO much cheaper than if we’d bought it in small quantities at a health food store nearby. Even getting all organic, we’re still not spending as much on food as the average family who buys “lunchables” and other convenience foods, goes to Starbucks, McDonald’s and other restaurants, or who stops by the grocery store every couple days for what they might need.

      And this was a big stock up on things we usually keep around but had finished up last year due to going on the diet….shouldn’t need that much next month.

  2. Fritzi said,

    Great plug for Azure! Thanks for your hard work to make sure that happens to benefit so many families!

  3. Gabe said,

    We are so thankful to your family for running this drop, you are such a blessing! Our kids always look forward to drop day, they sure love helping to unload that truck.

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