February 2, 2013

Soup’s on! {GAPS}

Posted in child-friendly, GAPS friendly, soup tagged , , at 7:04 pm by Jordan

soup's on-1

Day two on the GAPS diet, and Daniel’s still smiling about soup! It’s a good thing, because soup is just about the only thing we eat right now. Yep, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

soup's on-2Involving children in food preparation really helps them to be willing to try new foods. Daniel (7) made our soup for dinner tonight.

soup's on-3

At times, it was a tearful experience — but only because he was peeling onions! Tears were minimized by chopping the onion chunks in the food processor rather than out in the open on a cutting board (picture below). He worked bravely through the tears, and proudly presented a wonderful meal this evening.

soup's on 4



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  2. […] Soup’s on! {GAPS} (creativenourishment.wordpress.com) […]

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